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Jeep CJ Replacement Rear Crossmember

Motobilt offers many parts for your offroad vehicle. The Jeep CJ has been a solid platform to build from since it's inception. The stock rear crossmember is 1/8" steel. There are many reasons to upgrade the crossmember. Many people replace it due to rust, bending it, or other damage. The Motobilt Jeep CJ Rear Crossmember is fabricated from thicker 3/16" steel plate. The part is 3D CAD designed, laser cut, and formed on a hydraulic press brake. The Motobilt Jeep CJ Rear Crossmember can be used as a high clearance stand alone bumper as well. In this configuration you can mount a swing down spare tire mount directly to the crossmember. This part requires welding to install. We are also offering some optional side frame plates to reinforce the rear if required. The part number for the crossmember is MB3004 and the part number for the side frame plates is MB3005.

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