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New Motobilt Part: 14 Bolt Competition Axle Truss

Motobilt has been fabricating the 14 Bolt Competition Axle Truss since 2013. This particular axle truss is the definition of heavy duty. This version of the 14 bolt truss is essentially two trusses in one. If you notice, in the center over the diff there is a truss over the top of the casting, which is basically a trail version 14 Bolt axle truss that you can weld link tabs to. We've gone much further with our 14 Bolt Competition Axle Truss. It has a 3/8" thick truss with internal gusseting covering the lower section and extending out to the ends of the housing. We stopped just short of the end to allow room for the installer to weld the truss in place.

The truss is shipped with the a pinion support and pinion guard. The pinion support ties the cast center section to the axle tubes to eliminate the axle tubes from spinning in the cast housing. This is a very common problem with trusses that neither do not tie to the diff cover nor the pinion support. The 14 bolt pinion guard will clear a 1410 u-joint.

The top of the truss allows for plenty of room to mount upper links in a 3 or 4 link suspension.

Be sure to call Motobilt and speak to one of our experienced installers if you have any questions. 334-219-2333.

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