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We've added some new and amazing products to the website, and you're going to want to check them out. 

Have you been wanting to get rid of that stock fuel tank on your Jeep JKU in order to run a beefier suspension system? Well we have the solution. 

The Motobilt Rear Fuel Tank w/Skid Plate for Jeep JK / JKU Factory Frame:

This tank is designed to bolt on to the factory frame so that you don't have to cut or drill into your frame. This tank is compatible with factory EVAP systems, and comes with the EVAP kit you'll need based on the year of your JK/JKU. When you order this tank, simply select the year range your JK/JKU falls within and the correct EVAP kit will be sent with the tank.

Installing this tank opens up a world of opportunities to upgrade your Jeep JK/JKU, including being able to install a 4-link triangulated suspension system. You will have to remove the factory sway bar and install a Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar, and also you'll have to relocate the rear factory exhaust.  And if you purchase the Motobilt Fuel Cell Access Hatch for Jeep JK/JKU you won't have to worry about dropping the tank to service it. Install the hatch and have easy access to your fuel tank system. It's a win-win!

Last but certainly not least? The 3/16" steel skid plate. As the Media Guy here who photographs Motobilt products, I can assure you this skid plate is heavy duty. This kit ships with the heavy duty skid plate so that your fuel system is ready for the abuse of the trail. Check it out.

Product Components

Jeep JKU 4 link Suspension Bracket & Skid Kit

This kit has been a long time in the making, with the Motobilt Design Team and Fabrication Team prototyping, testing, tweaking and perfecting. If you're looking to move from daily driver to beast mode, this is the kit you need for your Jeep JKU.  Originally prototyped on the Motobilt Black JKU Build, we're now offering it to you! The Team at Motobilt have taken all the guesswork out with this amazing kit. The JKU Suspension Bracket and Skid kit includes all of the frame mounted bracketry to allow you to build a true double triangulated rear 4 link suspension and either a triangulated 4 link front or 3 link front suspension.

It also comes with a heavy duty transmission crossmember to further beef everything up, and the skid plate will protect everything from the elements of the trail and the punishment you might encounter.  We offer the kit in the year ranges of 2007-2011 as well as 2012-2018, and the parts ship welded as sub-assemblies. There are so many reasons to purchase this kit that this post could be longer than you've got the patience to read. So a few highlights:

  • This kit will allow you to have clearance for an aftermarket transfer case, like the Atlas II or Atlas IV
  • The front lower brackets are designed to accept 2-5/8” wide joints. The front lower joint holes measure 5/8” diameter which you can drill to a larger diameter, if you choose.
  • The front upper brackets are designed to accept 2” wide joints. The front upper joint holes measure 12mm diameter which you can also drill to a larger diameter.
  • All joint pivot bolts are 100% recessed & protected, yet still easily accessible with standard tools for maintenance & future repair or service.
  • All front brackets are located using factory frame hole locations for ease of installation
  • The rear brackets key into the new rear cross member & are scribed to fit perfectly to the inside of the factory frame

So choose the year range for your Jeep JKU here and find out all the amazing aspects of this Motobilt kit.

Product Components (2007-11)  Product Components (2012-18) 

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