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CHOP! CHOP! JT Gladiator Fender Chop, Just in Time for Jeep Jam

When Jeep Jam Panama City is just a couple of days away, what do you do?

Well, if you're Motobilt Founder/CEO Dan DuBose, you chop up a beautiful Jeep JT Gladiator's fenders. 

I mean, what else would you do, right? 

It began with Dan taping up the passenger side stock fenders at the spot where he wanted them chopped. Rob 'Bender' Park then took over, cutting the portions away. He then took the front fender chop support brackets by Motobilt that he'd removed and trimmed them to fit the newly chopped front fenders. 

After trimming and reinstalling the front fender chop support brackets, Bender then sanded and smoothed the trimmed areas. The result is a sleeker look, and puts more attention on those awesome tires. 

To chop the stock fenders, Bender used this badboy, a right angle battery-powered die grinder made by Milwaukee tools:


So now that Dan's Jeep JT Gladiator has a sleeker, meaner stance by simply chopping the fenders, look for him and some of the Motobilt crew at Jeep Jam in Panama City, FL this upcoming weekend!


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