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Installing Motobilt MOLLE Panels on Michael's New Gladiator

Michael, who runs our badass 10K Fiber Laser, recently purchased a Gladiator. The red color really pops, and owner Dan DuBose thought one of the first enhancements should be our MOLLE Bed Panel system for Jeep JT Gladiator. 

If you haven't taken a look at this kit, you should. And you can not only purchase all three panels at once, if you choose, you can purchase one panel at a time. 

Check out the MOLLE panels & accessories here

So Rob 'Bender' Park got to work doing his thing, and yours truly stood there with a camera because, come on, I've got a killer gig here. They do the hard work, I just make things look good. 

That would be owner Dan DuBose's Gladiator on the left, and Michael's new baby on the right. Aren't Jeeps cute when they're born?

(The MOLLE bed panel kit components. These panels ship raw steel so that you can paint or powder coat your desired finish)

So here is the bed of Michael's Gladiator before installing the panels. Perfectly functional, but most certainly limited in terms of useful options for storage.

Installing the Panels

With some simple tools you'll be able to install the panels 

1/4" Drill bit, 10mm socket, 7/16" socket, 8mm socket, 7/16" wrench and socket driver. 

Before installing the front MOLLE panel, remove the tie-down hoops. Hold onto them because you'll reuse them

The marked holes will be where you mount the front MOLLE panel at the top. 

Insert the provided bolts and leave them loose in order to facilitate aligning the panel

Grab those tie-down hoops and reinstall. The MOLLE panel lines up with the factory bed holes. 

Line up and tighten all bolts

Before installing the side MOLLE panels, you'll need to remove the bolts holding the inner fender in place. We do not recommend that you drill through this lining. 


There's no need to remove the entire liner. Carefully pull enough of it back to avoid drilling through it. 

Secure the top of the side MOLLE panel with provided hardware, leaving the bolts loose in order to facilitate alignment. 

Drill the three (3) holes necessary (only two are shown here for demonstration purposes), noting that one will go through the fender from inside the bed. With the inner fender lining out of the way, you won't drill through it.

Tighten all bolts to fully secure the MOLLE panel and repeat for other side panel

And voila!, Michael's new Gladiator has a bed that is far more handy and functional than stock.

So be sure you check out the Motobilt MOLLE Bed Panel Rack System and accessories. Turn the bed space in your Gladiator into a very handy system for storage with all three panels at once, or one at a time. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Motobilt Team!


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