Dana 60 / 70 Axle

    If you are a rock crawling or offroad fan more than likely you know what a Dana 60 axle is or have heard your offroading friends talk about the famous Dana 60.  The Dana 60 is one of the most commonly used front axle assemblies when doing a one ton axle conversion in a Jeep or choosing axles for a custom offroad vehicle. The Dana 60 front and rear axle are offered in a varity of vehicle makes, models and years.  The front Dana 60 is more sought after than the rear Dana 60.  Ford, Chevy and the Dodge Ram have all used the Dana 60.  Another term to understand is "full width axle conversion".  Often times when you hear someone say they are going full width one ton in their Jeep, Toyota or tube buggy they are referring to using a Dana 60 front axle and not cutting it down.  Full width basically means you find a donor truck like a 1979 Ford F250 or F350 and use the axle assembly at the same width it was removed from the truck.  Check out all of the products we offer for the Dana 60.