Motobilt Green YJ Build

    The Green YJ Build has become an iconic Jeep build for Motobilt since it’s completion in 2013. Many new innovative products were designed and released as production parts from this custom build. Some may think Motobilt is a new company.  Dan DuBose the owner previously owned Blue Torch Fabworks before selling that company in 2009.  In the late 90’s and early 2000’s Dan become know for building wildly modified Jeep YJ’s. When Motobilt began it was only natural to begin with a heavily modified Jeep YJ build.  It was like second nature.  The 4 link system and many other products designed on this build were from many years experience fabricating custom YJ’s.

    The Green YJ features a Chevy Dana 60 front axle and a Corporate 14 Bolt full float rear axle.  The Jeep was delivered to the shop with the axles bolted under the Jeep with an old school spring over suspension. That is when things rapidly changed for this Jeep.  The front and rear 4 link system was designed to make future installs on the Jeep YJ and Jeep TJ platforms much easier and faster.  In years past the parts were priced together from generic DIY builder parts.  As a business owner who does 4 link suspension conversions often having a faster way to perform the fabrication work would be much more profitable. 

    The build received a back half frame kit to allow the rear suspension to sit lower.  In addition the Motobilt High Clearance Rear Fender Tops were an industry first.  They all the wheel opening to be cut much high allowing room for large tires and a super low bump height.

    The front and rear axles received Motobilt axle trusses.  Both axle trusses used on this Jeep YJ build can be found below in the section where we have added some of the parts used to build this Jeep.