Rocker Guards with Boat Side Steps for Jeep TJ

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The Motobilt Rocker Guards with Boat Side Steps for Jeep TJ will give you the ultimate rocker protection.

Crafted in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, these heavy duty rocker armor steps are constructed using laser cut 3/16" high grade steel and precise CNC press brake bending. The steps measure 4" deep off the body.

We included three (3) openings in the sides of each step to accept a Hi-Lift Jack to help you in easily raising the side of the vehicle when you get stuck.

This product mounts direct to the body. It is not mounted to the frame. This allows for any size of body lift.

We have tapered the leading and trailing edges of the rocker armor steps to glide off obstacles & not have any hang up points. We're wheelers too, so we understand.

Included with the rockers are two internal braces that mount to the side of the Jeep tub and extend over to bolt locations under the seat mounts. 

This product ships bare steel and will need to be painted before installation.  

Compatible Corner Guards:

  • MB1057 Blank Corner Guards
  • MB1051 Comp Cut Corner Guards
  • MB1051-A Aluminum Comp Cut Corner Guards 
  • MB1127 Comp Cut Highline Corner Guards
  • MB1058 4” Stretch Corner Guards


Weight: 75lbs (approx.)

The proper drill size for the 5/16 inch Rivnuts is 17/32”.

We designed these rocker steps to work with:

  • No body lift
  • 1", 2" or 3" body lift
  • Factory front fenders or Motobilt front fenders MB1082 or MB1083
  • Factory body mounts or aftermarket body mounts
  • All Motobilt brands of TJ Corner Armor (trimming required if using MB1055 as the rockers are about 1.4”s longer in the rear.)
  • 2” wheelbase stretch or more required.
  • Please Read! If you are running a stock wheel base you will need to trim the rockers to fit in the rear!

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