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Alex's Red JL is Out on the Trail

In our previous blog post I mentioned that the Motobilt Red JL Build for Alex Heuman has gone home. 

Alex is already posting up pictures with her out in the wild. When speaking with Alex a bit earlier this morning, he told me that, "The Jeep just flat out works! I’m excited to take it wheeling [again] and get more seat time."

That's always good news! "There are a million thing that can go wrong on a build," Rob 'Bender' Park told me. "A weld here, a bolt there. You just never know. It's great to hear when it all works. I'm really glad Alex is excited." When you put as much heart and soul into a build as Bender and the Design Team did, it's a bit like watching your kid going off to college. It's always exciting to see that build looking good and performing well out in the wild. 

There were a lot of new products for Jeep JL/JLU prototyped on this build, to include the wildly popular Tomahawk Frame Chop bumper, the new Front and Rear fenders for Jeep JL/JLU, the Frame Mounted Rocker Guards for Jeep JL 4 Door, the Motobilt Adjustable front and rear seat mounts for PRP and other aftermarket seats, our Round Tail Light Conversion kit and the list goes on. See all the products on the build page

 As Alex posts up more photos, we'll keep you up to date here on the website. And follow us on social media to see even more from Motobilt. 

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