Motobilt Red JL Build

Alex Heuman originally had a 2012 JK that was, as he puts it, "mildly built and I was super proud of [it] until I was involved in a vehicle accident on December 17th 2014 where I was super lucky to walk away alive. But my jeep was unfortunately totaled."

After several years, Alex finally received the replacement value of his Jeep JK and it was time to plan out his next build to be even bigger and better. He was introduced to Motobilt back in January of 2017 when he was down in the area for some military training.

Alex had been a fan of Motobilt products and once he met founder Dan DuBose and the Motobilt crew he decided that he wanted Motobilt to do a custom build on his Jeep. Through some discussion and talking over some details, Dan agreed to do the build, which at the time was a 2016 Jeep JKU. We still  had to finish the Black JKU that was in the shop before starting to work on Alex's Jeep.

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