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Motobilt's "Crusher" front bumper for the Jeep JK now available.

Well we are proud to announce that the newest member to the Motobilt bumper line has arrived, "The Crusher." This new Motobilt Jeep JK front bumper is a winch recessed design with clearance, strength, and performance at the top of the list. The unique design allows the winch to be recessed in between the frame rails of the Jeep Wrangler JK. This will allow you to keep your Jeep's grill clear. It measures in at just over 46 1/2"s at its widest point. The bumper is made out of 3/16" steel plate that is laser cut in house at Motobilt. The bumper is then cnc bent and welded by our dedicated team. We include 3/4" d ring mounts that pass through the bumper and are welded inside and out. The bumper includes all of the necessary mounting hard ware and ships bare metal. You can also order the bumper with or with out a tube stinger. If you would like to purchase The Crusher with out tube work then click here. If you would like to purchase The Crusher with tube work then click here.

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