15" Stretch Over the Rail Corner Armor for Jeep YJ

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Over the bed rail 15 inch stretch corners are a heavy-duty option for those doing the LJ stretch on a Jeep YJ. We opted to go over the rail on the Motobilt YJ build for a few reasons. The first was a more complete finished look on the body stretch with the corners. We also wanted to add additional strength to the corner armor. The corners are manufactured from 3/16” high-strength steel plate. By adding 2 bends to the top edge and closing in the rear curve around the body we added a lot more protection for the body making the corner armor stronger than traditional designs.

Not only do the corners extend the body 15 inches we also moved the wheel opening up as high as possible to allow for lower bump heights and/or ride heights. By doing so we needed the added material on the rear corner armor to ensure it would still have structure with that much material cut out. The rear corner area features a tapered cut for added clearance and styling. 

The rear tail lights are one of the features most asked about. The aluminum bezels are on the outside of the corner armor with the taillights recessed into the body for added protection. The corner armor includes one pair of our pop-in style LED tail lights. You also have the option to purchase a set of Off-Road Only Lite-Dots if you prefer those. The taillight mounts come complete with provisions to mount either style of taillight you prefer. 

The wheel opening location provides approximately 16 inches of wheelbase stretch from the stock YJ. The wheel opening has also been enlarged for larger diameter tires. Keep in mind - because the wheel opening has been moved as high as possible the stock height rear inner fender sheet metal will not work with the corners. We recommend using our YJ 15” Stretch High Line Rear Inner Fenders (MB5529) which can be purchased separately.

Rocker guards will also have to be extended to match the new wheel opening.  We offer two different options for 15” stretch rocker guards. For those looking for ultimate clearance, you should check out the Motobilt boat side option. (MB1171)  Don’t worry we offer a bolt-on style as well.  (MB1177 NO step) With either rocker guard option, we include a plate with the corner armor to allow the installer to bolt the stretch corners to the stretch rocker guards. (MB1177-S With step)

Each corner armor panel features countersunk holes for fasteners for a completely flush panel. We include all fasteners and rivnuts for installation.


  • Will not work with factory tailgate hinges. You will need to convert your tailgate to vertical hinges or the Motobilt Fold Down Aluminum Tailgate PN MB1168
  • The over-the-rail design does not allow for the fitment of a soft top or hardtop 
  • The parts are shipped raw steel and do require paint or powder coating


The proper drill size for the 5/16 inch Rivnuts is 17/32”.

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