Dan's Black Jeep Rubicon Gladiator Build

The Gladiator was purchased the first week they started hitting dealership showrooms.  Motobilt was right in the middle of relocating to our new manufacturing facility in Ozark, AL when the Gladiator arrived at the shop. We have been excited about the Gladiator build.  The first week the JT was here we ordered Ultimate Dana 60s front and rear for the build.  At the time the rear was only available with JL suspension brackets. The Jeep Gladiator has completely different rear brackets so the Motobilt team we to work designing a new axle truss and suspension brackets for the Ultimate Dana 60 rear axle housing.  You can now purchase the Motobilt Ultimate Dana 60 Axle Truss from Motobilt. Many other new Jeep Gladiator products are coming to life on this build.

The Jeep Gladiator Full Skid Plate System we now offer was prototyped within weeks of receiving the JT from the dealership.  The skid plate system was one a first to market item.  There are now other companies productions them but no others offer as much coverage as our skid system.  The skid is laser cut here in house from 3/16” steel plate and formed on our press brakes. We ship the skid plate bare steel to allow the installer the option to paint it what ever color they want.  Our view on painting this part is to paint it with something that can be easily touched up. To use the skid plate with a long arm kit the installer would need to modify the skid plate.  

The front bumper is a cross over from the Jeep JL, but the rear bumpers would not.  We have currently designed and prototyped three rear bumpers for the Gladiator.  The Crusher series wraps around the side and offers bottom side protection.  We also have a skinny version and the less expensive Hammer rear JT bumper. 

The suspension used on the Jeep is from our friends at Rock Krawler Suspension.  It is a 3” Max travel.  We did install some small spacers to get a little more height for to clear the 42” Maxxis Trepadors.  We have been asked a few times on social media if the tires are sticky compound.  No, the tires are the DOT BIAS Ply version. At the time I am typing this we still have some fab work to get the tires out of the sheet metal when the suspension articulates. 

Other modifications include the Motobilt Bed Molle Panel System. It is laser cut and formed form 11GA steel.  The panel system has our HiLift Jack Mount Brackets bolted in place.  The Molle panel system is a prefect solution to secure your gear when off-roading or simply driving around town.