52" LED Light Bar Mount for Jeep JK / JKU

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Motobilt Jeep JK 52 inch LED light bar mounts have many great features. Not only do they provide more protection for the windshield frame than any others on the market they also provide room to run the wiring harness behind the mounts. The Jeep JK 52 inch LED light bar mount system from Motobilt was designed with function and form in mind. Often time people are puzzled on where to run the wires for the light bar and hide them from sight. When designing this mount system this was addressed. We spaced the mounts out slightly to allow room for the wiring harness to pass behind the mounts. We do not provide wiring instructions for the LED light bar.

The mounts are laser cut from 3/16 inch steel plate and formed on a hydraulic press brake. They not only provde a solid mounting point for your LED light bar they also provide protection for the a-pillars of the windshield frame. Our Jeep JK 52 inch LED light bar mount only comes in contact with the windshield mount at the base. They do not come in contact with the windshield frame and a rubber gasket is not needed. The light bar mounts are shipped bare steel for you to paint or powdercoat. We ship them this way because so many people want to color match their Jeep JK. This mounting kit can be used with the Lifetime LED 52 inch Double Row or other LED light bars measuring 52 inches such as the cheap Eyourlife LED 52 inch.


  • Jeep JK 52 inch LED light bar mount system
  • Laser cut 3/16 inch steel plate
  • Room to run wiring harness behind the bracket
  • Keeps the top of the LED light bar below the roof line for a tight fit
  • Includes hardware
  • Sold as kit
  • Weight = 13lbs


  • Purchase MB2023 if you want the lower cube mounts
  • This mounting system was designed to work with LED light bars with a mounting width of 52 inch
  • LED lighting is for off-road use only
  • Bar mounts are shipped bare steel, paint or powdercoat needed before use
  • Wiring instructions for the LED light bar Not included

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