Tan One Ton Jeep TJ Build

Charles contacted Motobilt to build a custom Jeep.  I have built many Jeep TJ projects over the years.  The business model has changed at Motobilt.  We want to be involved with project builds where the customer turns over some of the creativity to allow our experienced team to design and fabricate new product that our customers will fond on the website.  If we have a customer contact us and state they want to build a Jeep just like something we have done in the past we are not interested.  For one we learn from each build and know things we would do differently and often times reflect back on a build with new ideas for the next build. 

The customer brought the Jeep TJ to Motobilt with some work already underway.  The Motobilt team was tasked with fabricating custom front a rear suspension, installing our Motobilt TJ Back Half Frame Kit and designing a new high clearance Motobilt TJ Front Half Frame Kit. There are more products we design for this build which you all can  purchase here at Motobilt.  In 2013 we built the Green YJ.  One of the features of that build was a super low ride height made possible bu the rear inner fender modifications we designed and made.  The Jeep TJ build was going to get something similar. We designed and fabricated a custom set of high clearance inner fenders.  Essentially they allow more room to move the wheel opening up. The entire rear factory wheel wells were removed and replaced with the Motobilt sheet metal.  

The customer purchased a number of products from our website before dropping the Jeep off.  Don’t tell Charles but we didn’t use them all.  We wanted this build to have some fresh ideas and improvements. We did utilize the Motobilt 4 Link Skid Plate System for the TJ.  It was an offshoot from the YJ version designed in 2013 on the Green YJ Build. The Green YJ and Charles’s TAN TJ Build have roughly the exact same wheelbase at 114”. The front suspension features 14” travel coils over shocks and the rear has 16” coil over shocks. The rear coil over mounts use an updated version of our fender top coil over mounts. And the lowers are something custom.  The front coil over towers were built custom for this build and we are discussing offering the present tubes to work with or without our new TJ front half frame kit.  The fabricated cross member over the engine area between the towers will be found here for purchase.