MOLLE Bed Panel Rack System 3 Panels for Jeep JT Gladiator

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The Motobilt MB1119 Jeep JT Gladiator MOLLE Bed Rack System is a stylistic & functional addition to the bed area of a Jeep Gladiator to easily mount MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) accessories.  Our MOLLE rectangular slot pattern is designed to securely fasten nearly any type of aftermarket MOLLE compatible product.  Our rack system also includes hundreds of mounting holes to quickly bolt-on our new line of rack compatible accessories.

Constructed from 11 Ga (0.120”) high grade steel that is laser cut & precision CNC press brake formed,  our MOLLE bed rack system can be quickly installed to the bed of any model of Jeep Gladiator, with or without the Jeep Gladiator’s Trail Rail System.  The center portion of the bed rack is a 100% bolt-on installation which utilizes existing four (4) upper threaded mounting holes along with the stock two (2) lower bed tie down hooks.  The upper portions of the driver & passenger side bed racks bolt-on to existing threaded mounting holes, while the lower portion requires drilling through the bed & the installation of three (3) bolts per side (fasteners included).  The driver & passenger side bed racks also include large cut outs for your stock rear bed tie downs & to provide access to your 120V outlet, if so equipped.

We designed the upper shape of our MOLLE bed racks to easily add a Trail Rail system in future or work with your stock Trail Rail system, if so equipped, allowing the sliding tie downs of the Jeep Trail Rail system to fully function in any of their stock positions.  Each bed rack is a one-piece multiple bend design which add extra strength & rigidity.  The dozens of open slots also double as tie down points for nearly any type of off-the-shelf ratcheting tie down strap, giving you any infinite amount of tie down points & combinations to secure virtually any size & shape of cargo.

Ships bare steel so that the installer can powdercoat or paint to the color of their choice, as some people may want to paint system to match their vehicle. 

For installation tips, see this blog post


Product Components


MB1119-01 Front Panel = 17 lbs

MB1119-02 Driver Panel = 14.0 lbs

MB1119-03 Passenger Panel = 14.0 lbs

MB1119 Three (3) Piece Panel Assembly = 45 lbs